Sarah Tuneberg CEO 

Sarah Tuneberg


GrandView Founder and CEO, Sarah Tuneberg is passionate about harnessing data, analytics, and technology to solve complex challenges. After more than a decade in emergency management and public health, Sarah founded GrandView to transform the way emergency management decisions are made.

Sarah leads our interdisciplinary team of problem solvers focused on developing data-driven, evidence-based solutions, models, and processes that reduce risk and enhance resilience, especially for the most vulnerable. 

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Georgia and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.


Craig Kalick CTO

Craig Kalick


CTO and Co-Founder Craig Kalick combines big data, operations research, and fullstack development expertise in leading technology solution development for GrandView. 

Chessa Rae Johnson Research & Media Partner

Chessa Rae Johnson
Research & Media Partner


Chessa Rae Johnson brings a decade of operations, project management, and strategic planning experience to GrandView.  With a focus on capacity-building in marginalized communities, Chessa Rae combines passion with pragmatism to deliver practicable documentation and design for our project partners.

Chessa Rae studied Social Policy & Practice at Tulane University, co-majoring in Economics.  Through the lenses of mathematics and behavioral science, she gained insight into how individuals and communities interact with systems and institutions.

As State Chair of CARE (care.org), Chessa Rae learned how to understand, support, and engage these communities-in-need toward realization of equity and dignity. She brings this compassionate center to help GrandView's partners realize safety, security, and resiliency for their communities.


Shawn Savageau is a gifted Front-End UI/UX engineer bringing the dedication, skill, and aesthetic framework of a musician to help GrandView work as beautifully to your eyes as it does behind the curtain.  


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