Strategic, specialized, and customer-centric consulting

GrandView is adding a new voice to the IoT and emerging technology discussion by helping our partners and clients understand the emergency management and homeland security sphere and how their technologies can be used to reduce risk and enhance corporate and community resilience.

The solutions and products of a market are often portable and applicable in other market spaces. Grandview helps our clients translate current solutions into engagement and success within the homeland security and emergency management sphere. Our skilled, experienced team of professionals understand the requirements and opportunities within homeland security and emergency management, and excel at helping companies better design, create, and implement solutions to match those needs. From the development of novel approaches to broadening the reach and application of existing tools and services, we facilitate success in new spaces.  

First responders, public officials, and community leaders who are stretched thin by limited resources and increasing hazard and risk don’t have time to understand and identify applications for emerging technologies, including IoT and big data. GrandView works to help public sector customers understand the landscape, identify areas for improvement, and match needs to appropriate solutions.

Our mission to save lives and protect the environment requires engagement, collaboration and innovation. We want to work with you to help the homeland security enterprise: 

  • better identify and reduce risk;
  • introduce operational efficiencies;
  • enhance effectiveness and outcomes of services and products;
  • and accelerate the way information is integrated, correlated, analyzed, and presented for decisions and management of a threat, event, or incident.

Contact GrandView to discuss our range of services from strategic advice and direction, to product design and functionality, to client meetings. We look forward to working together to make smarter cities, more efficient enterprises, and more resilient communities.